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Multi colour embellishment

Altimeter Table Clock

Based on altimeters from WWII aircraft with its stout brass screws and rugged shape, this clock brings fighter pilot precision to your desk. Its authentic dial houses the remnants of a subdial that marked altitude per thousand feet, while the main hands marked altitude per ten and hundred feet.

Anchor Phone Stand

Patterned after the stockless anchors of 19th century whaling vessels, the Anchor Stand offers the ideal mooring point for your phone. The bold design of polished cast aluminum sends timidity to the water depths, while brass fittings support even the larger iPhone and Galaxy models. Folds flat for stowage below deck


In Greek mythology, Atlas was the Titan tasked with holding up the celestial heavens. While we certainly don’t have any claims to eternity, these extraordinary new pieces from Phillips Collection will certainly leave an impression that will endure. Atlas is a perfect example of Phillips Collection’s ethos: organic contemporary. Through exquisite design and craftsmanship, it combines nature’s finest castaways in a warm contemporary setting. Support is created for each lovingly polished fragment with a symphony of science and art. The unusable becomes triumphantly functional with a flair that demands a double take. The Atlas Collection–exclusively from Phillips Collection. Each one unique, each one guaranteed to start a conversation.

Biplane Table Clock

As if right out of the annals of the famous American Flyers of the Lafayette Escadrille of the First World War, our Biplane clock neatly captures the essence of America’s first practical military aircraft. Constructed of sold cast and polished aluminum and embellished with brass landing gear, exhaust pipes, struts and windscreen, our Biplane clock is ready for action whether at taxi on your desk or in flight on your wall.

Blue Galss Bowl

A graceful, ruffled glass creation, “Blue Glass Bowl” is sure to draw attention as a centerpiece in any home. Light blue and embossed with raised circles, this piece is edged in electric blue, giving it an air of sophistication. The piece can be functional or simply serve as an attention-getter. Either way, it is difficult to tear your eyes away from this beautiful piece. “Blue Glass Bowl” is available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. For an especially elegant arrangement, purchase one of each size and place them in an attractive grouping.

Branch Wall Art

Part of the Dann Foley collection, this Branch Wall Art can act as the perfect accent to any space.

Broken egg

This attractive four piece setting known as “Broken Egg” is featured in white and gold. A unique wall art collection, this piece is sure to be a conversation starter. Its refined elegance invokes a feeling of calm and creativity, making it the perfect addition to the decor of a homeowner with refined tastes.