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Branch Wall Art

Part of the Dann Foley collection, this Branch Wall Art can act as the perfect accent to any space.

Broken egg

This attractive four piece setting known as “Broken Egg” is featured in white and gold. A unique wall art collection, this piece is sure to be a conversation starter. Its refined elegance invokes a feeling of calm and creativity, making it the perfect addition to the decor of a homeowner with refined tastes.

Burled Root Wall Art

LIFELIKE! We capture the beauty of burled wood by casting it in lightweight, artisan-grade resin so that colossal forms can be easily mounted to the wall. The effect instantly commands your attention. We’ve upped the ante with stunning natural, metallic and two-tone finishes.


A stunning accent piece sure to enhance the beauty of any room, “Dove” is a beautiful representation of its namesake bird in flight. Created in silver, “Dove” can maintain singularity of focus by making a statement as a singular design element on a wall, or several can be mounted in one place to increase the visual impact.


Anything that grows, goes. We’ve created a full line of botanically-inspired wall decor that gives exuberant life to any interior. Made from metal with a glossy lacquer finish, the Flower Wall Art is perfect for any space. The different sizes create a unique appeal. Available in a variety of colors.

Lava Slice Wall Tile

To promote the clean elegance of a room, “Lava Slice Wall Tile” is the perfect art installation. Crafted from the highest quality stainless steel materials, this piece of wall art elevates the contemporary style of a room to suggest a feeling of peace and serenity. Contemporay in design, this unique piece forms a focal point, creating a talking point at dinner parties and acting as a talisman to inspire quiet reflection during times of solitude.

Lotus Wall Art

Created in a rich blend of copper with delicate black detailing, “Lotus Wall Art” is the perfect art installation to inspire an air of tranquility and restfulness. Each blossom is available in small, medium, and large. “Lotus Wall Art’ can be purchased in singular units or as a collection. Whether installed as a centerpiece or as a grouping, “Lotus Wall Art” enhances the contemporary style of any room, lending it a feeling of grace and gentleness. This piece is made of metal.

Molten Disk

“Molten Disk’s” golden hue lends it an air of royalty. Manufactured from high quality resin, this stunning centerpiece is lightweight, making it suitable for installation over furniture. “Molten Disk” is a stylish addition to any room, regardless of the style of the decor. This piece promotes a feeling of grace and luxury and is available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. Hang it singly or as part of a collection, “Molten Disk” is a piece of art that makes a bold statement.

Perspective Wall Art

“Perspective Wall Art” is a unique way for a homeowner to customize their wall space to create a novel “one of a kind” centerpiece. This art collection is created from lightweight metal and is available in three different styles: Rectangular (sitting), Rectangular (standing left), and Square (standing, arms down). Add several pieces in varying styles to a wall or one standalone unit to act as an eye-catching feature. Each piece can be turned to create a different look. Eclectic and vibrant, “Perspective Wall Art” adds whimsy and fun to a room.