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Pois Dining Table

POIS fully represents the natural inspiration Tonin Casa got for its “Jungle” collection: lights and shadows play with the base, in the same way sunrays penetrate the leaves of the undergrowth. The base’s coloring – white, carbon grey, or matt gold – either enhances or smoothens such lighting effect, to match the tops various finishes.

Rizoma Dining Table

Wood’s soft heath meets our designer’s fantasy, imaginative mind and techinque: Rizoma. The idea managed to combine one of Nature’s most precious materials, and the most advanced working techniques. This curved wood base swirls and spins up to the top, holding a light and precious glass, or porcelain stoneware top.

Colosseo Dining Table

Another homage to Italy itself, in the shape and sensation of warmth and balance. A solid walnut, or dark oak base, to carry fixed or extendible tops, made out of glass, ceramic and marble.

Dolly Dining Table

Fixed table with lacquered marble agglomerate base and wooden top with glass or porcelain stoneware insert. Also available with Lazy suzan center tray. Add another place at the table that comes Dolly.

Capri Dining Table

The strength of the metal structure joins the elegant marble legs and the fixed glass top, making Capri a symbol of the Italian essence. It is enriched by a discreet luxury, shining and refined, it represents care, precision and devotion. Once again, materials and technique, nature and innovation aim at creating an exceptionally balanced product.

Eliseo Dining Table

A wooden ellipse made of tempered glass, electrically welded by UV rays onto a steel plate; all of it is gently put on top of curved, varnished metallic legs, so to obtain a great aesthetic value. With Eliseo, a dining room was born, extremely refined, and available in the three-colors version, or with a double base.

Pandora Dining Table

A multi-material structure characterized by real marble, fused glass and lacquered turned wood. A great aesthetic value dictated by the materiality of the elements that are an integral part of this table. Available in multiple essences and with Lazy Susan.

Firenze Dining Table

Firenze table’s main characteristic regards its base: it is made with solid Canaletto walnut, or solid dark oak slats. The slats are paired one by one, forming a spiral sculpture that creates an elegant optical illusion. A glass or porcelain stoneware top, available in different sizes, completes the structure. Tonin Casa’s originality, mixes precision, quality and practicality: the table, in fact, is available with both the single and the double base.

Wave Dining Table

WAVE is the result of long and diverse techniques, based on how to work with different and innovative materials. We decided to use Baydur, a material that allowed the base to perfectly imitate a wave’s strong movements. To counter-balance, the top was thought to look as static as possible, a line to appease and redefine the wave. It stars as pure movement; it ends as stasis.