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The Thom floor lamp features 2 stems, 2 shades, 2 fixtures, and a tripod base. Clean and sharp, its shades are powder-coated on the outside, with contrast gloss on the inside.


The “Chris” pendant lamp is both unique and distinctive. It hangs from the ceiling from a smooth metallic cord, giving the entire unit a sleek appearance. The glass globe is in the shape of an oval with a slightly flattened bottom. Constructed of hand blown glass, this light fixture is transparent and available in several colors. Chic, sophisticated, and very feminine, “Chris” adds a ladylike charm to any home decor.

Maggie Chandelier

The Maggie chandelier is a perfect lighting fixture adding more vibrant in your home. With the unique shape of the glass shades, you can almost feel the movements between each other.
Available in clear or grey-blue colour. Please also check out the Maggie single pendant for a perfect matching piece.


Jacy is a chandelier based on three pendant lamps in one chrome base. The “Jacy’s” individual tulip-shaped lights hang at varied levels to provide contrast and interest for the eye. Constructed of hand blown glass, Jacy is available in smoked grey colour. Add this chandelier to a dining room, bedroom, or living room for a design element that is modern and cozy.

Maggie Pendant

The “Maggie” pendant lamp is unique in shape. Its oblong design reflects an imperfectly shaped bubble which is both eye-pleasing and endearing. “Maggie” is available in several different colors, allowing homeowners to customize their light fixture to best suit their room. A light fixture that is artistic,modern, and fun, “Maggie” is the perfect piece to bring character and charm to any room.


“Wanda” is a pendant light constructed of hand blown glass with a distinct shape that is lush and full. The transparent globe swells then returns to a recessed bottom that is flat in scope. Available in several different colors, this light fixture is charming when installed as a singular unit but also shines in a grouping of two or more as a more artistic focal point. Well-suited to any room, the modern design of “Wanda” increases the warmth and vibrancy of a room to make it more inviting.


The “Mabel” pendant lamp’s charming design is reminscent of a message in a bottle. With its clear glass globe which blossoms then returns to a flat base at the bottom, this lamp is full of hope and charm. Available in several different colors, “Mabel” Is suspended from the ceiling via a cord of chain link. Both contemporary and nostalgic, this light fixture is the perfect marriage of old and new design elements and adds an artistic flair to any home.


For a clean, contemporary light fixture in pendant form, “Seed” is an excellent choice. Hanging from the ceiling by a rustic cord comprised of burnished black chain link. “Seed” consists of a mottled glass globe which narrows to a flat bottom. Available in several colors, “Seed” can be hung as a stand alone unit or even in pairs to enhance to look of the room. This light fixture is both modern and fresh and is made from hand blown glass.


“Bubble’ Is a pendant light which is suspended from the ceiling. A singular bulb rests in a large glass orb which is fashioned to resemble an actual bubble. To achieve different looks, pastel-colored light bulbs can be inserted into the bubble, allowing the hand blown glass to reflect a different hue, thus adding character and charm to an otherwise bland room. “Bubble” is available in several different colors. Hang a singular unit or a grouping of them in a row to add a touch of whimsy to your home.