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A pendant light fixture which extends from the ceiling on a single cord, “Ring” consists of a clear glass bulb encased in a transparent globe. A black ring adheres to the glass of the globe giving the appearance of a ring. Simple yet elegant, this clever pendant light is crafted from hand blown glass. Unique and modern in style, this beautiful light fixture brings a vibrant touch to a room in need of some brightening.


Urban, modern, and contemporary, “Patrick’ Is a table lamp that inspires awe. Fashioned completely from chrome, this lamp’s distinctive knot like design is unusual yet attractive. Distinctly masculine in character, this beautiful lamp would not be out of place in an office, living room, or bedroom. A lamp that is highly functional, this piece can also stand alone as a work of art.

Frankie – T

“Frankie-T” is a table lamp of superb construction and simplistic yet feminine design. With its distinctly curved globe surrounding the light fixture and deliicately waving stem, this table lamp is reminscent of a lush, summer lily. Available in a chrome finish, this stunning lamp can enhance the beauty of any room but is particularly well-suited to bedrooms.

Tina – TSilver

A table lamp with a distinctive high style design, the “Tina-TSilver” is an attractive lighting option sure to be a conversation piece in any home. Fashioned out of metal in a silver chrome finish, “Tina-TSilver” evokes memories of a sleekly crafted telescope. The shade is a metallic chrome finish, giving the piece a touch of elegance and sophistication. Equally suited to a bedside table as a desk, “Tina-TSilver” helps every home to shine.

Tina – TBlack

The “Tina-TBlack” is a table lamp that reflects the design elements of both the architectural and scientific fields. Quirky yet with an artistic feel, this lamp is both functional and esthetically pleasing, With its adjustable arm, this table lamp can be moved to better illuminate anything from a book to a puzzle or even important documents. “Tina-TBlack” is a constructed completely from metal and is black in color. The lampshade is round and black and is reminscent of a Tiffany style banker lamp.

Bulb – TSand

In sharp contrast to the “Bulb-TBlack” is the “Bulb-TSand.” Also a table lamp, the “Bulb-TSand” is vibrant and stands out from the crowd with its brilliant sand chrome base and clear glass lightbulb. Contemporary and modern, the sleek design of this lamp makes it the ideal addition to a room that seeks to maintain a clean and uncluttered design.

Bulb – TBlack

The tableside version of the “Bulb-FBlack”, this stunning lamp is modern in appearance, adding a contemporary and stylish feel to any table it adorns. The base is finished in black nickel with the lightbulb enhanced by smoke glass, lending it an air of mystery and sinister charm. Add it to a desk or a nightstand for a touch of sophistication and character.

Lynn – TOak

The “Lynn-TOak” table lamp is the shorter twin sister to the “Lynn-FOak” floor lamp. Crafted from natural oak, the distinctive tripod stand offers a sturdy but attractive base for the large oblong shade which is linen in hue and texture. Masculine in tone and design, this table lamp adds an air of gravitas and refinement to a room. Include it in an office or as an accent piece in a living room or bedroom for a touch of sophisticated flair.

Frankie – F

For a floor lamp that is truly exceptional, you will love the harmonious elegance of “Frankie-F.” Crafted from silver-hued chrome, the lightbulb is encased in a swirled round orb that is both graceful and delicate. The stand which attaches to the lighthead gently curves its way to the flat, round chrome base on the floor. This floor lamp offers the ultimate in pretty sophistication and is reminscent of old world glamor.