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Tina – FBlack

“Tina F-Black” is a lighting unit that combines the sophistication of Tiffany’s with the sleek aristocratic lines of modern architecture. With its adjustable arm, this floor lamp is practical and attractive, making it perfect for use as desk lighting or to increase the elegant ambience of a room. “Tina-FBlack” has a metal black base as well as a round black shade, giving it a look of uniformity and distinction.

Bulb – FBlack

A floor lamp that is truly a showstopper, “Bulb-FBlack offers a bold, monochromatic style to brighten up the look of any room. With a base that is comprised of black chrome, the clear glass bulb shines even more brightly, adding both intensity and clarity to the space. Uncompromisingly contemporary, the “Bulb-FBlack” floor lamp is equally at home in any room, bringing both character and attention to its presence.

Bulb – FSand

A fresh and modern approach to the floor lamp, “Bulb-FSand” combines the look of a naked lightbulb with sand coloured chrome, giving it a soft yet contemporary appearance. A fully functional lamp, “Bulb-FSand” is also a conversation piece that will attract attention no matter where it is placed in a home. Of sleek, utilitarian design, this lamp is a unique piece of lighting that adds character to any dwelling place.

Lynn – FWhite

A timeless design of grace and refinement, the “Lynn – FWhite” floor lamp stands out from the crowd with its stunning white-enrobed natural wood tripod base. Adorned by an oblong-shaped matching linen shade, this floor lamp adds a touch of casual chic to any home and is particularly attractive against a backdrop of blue. Though a neutral color against some palettes, the shocking all white character of this lamp truly makes it “pop,”

Lynn – FOak

With its natural oak tripod stand, the “Lynn – FOak” floor lamp is a piece that makes a statement. With an oblong shaped white linen shade to adorn the top, this floor lamp is reminiscent of a 1940’s classic with its uncharacteristic elegance and style. Add it to any room for a touch of sophistication and refined flair.