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Praline has functions like coffee table, side table, footrest and seating. Because of the square shape, it is so easy to work with any sapce. It provides decent size of usage when you need it, and can be stored easily without occupying much space when you don’t.


Why we all love Candy? Because it brings out the inner child in each of us. Our Candy footstool is available in an endless list of coverings of fabric and leather. Thanks to it’s compact size, you can have multiple of them as a group.


Available in two sizes, with variaty choices of covering, Ruby is definitely a perfect match to your furniture in living room, bedroom, office, family room, you name it. It can be used as a coffee table, or you can rest your feet on it in your relaxing moments, also as a seating area when you have company. The well thought size and height will let you enjoy the function of Ruby every mintunt you are with it.


The round shape footstool is such a popular item adding to any space that creates a fun, casual and relaxed feeling, as well as providing a function with extra seating. Thanks to the wide range of covering options, Torus footstool is going to be an essential piece in homes in different style.