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“Cartier” is a sofa that is distinctly contemporary in its design. Sleek in appearance and upholstered in buttery soft fabric, “Cartier” is the ideal centerpiece for the homeowner who loves to be pampered and surrounded by luxury. Accented by beautiful chrome furnishings and enhanced with a back toss and plump soft pillows, this sofa is as attractive as it is comfortable, making it the perfect addition to any home.


The perfect addition to any room, “Campbell ” is a small sofa that makes a big impact. Constructed from feather-soft filling or feather-soft cushion available in a number of hues, “Campbell ‘” invokes an aura of luxury. This look is complete with a back toss and plush pillows, increasing its comfort. A classy piece of furniture, this sofa is the perfect addition to a home whose decor centers on acquiring high-quality furniture pieces of elegant distinction.


A sectional sofa that is stylish and comfortable, “Jayden” has a classic look that elevates the beauty of any room. Available in a number of colors, “Jayden’s” upholstery is made of feather-soft filling or feather-soft cushion, giving it a luxurious feel. To enhance the elegance of this piece, the sofa is complete with a back toss and pillows which contribute to the sofa’s clean lines and contemporary design.