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Vertical Engine Bookends

Lending a sense of energy to your bookshelf, Vertical Engine Bookends transport us back to the turn of the last century – when machines of all shapes and sizes were used in conjunction with coal, oil, or steam to provide working power for manufacturing, utilities, and transportation. Heavy cast aluminum replicas, with brass fittings and functional brass flywheel, are securely mounted to heavy cast iron bases, providing ample support for the heaviest tractor repair books and manuals.

Ray Gun Bookends

Whether supporting a vintage set of science fiction novels or the latest space thrillers, Ray Gun Bookends hearken back to a time not so long ago when the sky teemed with UFO sightings and little green men. Cast in solid polished aluminum with brass accents, and secured for posterity on heavy iron bases, your book collection will weather meteor showers and alien attack without difficulty.