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Pandora Coffee Table

Pandora expresses an extremely refined and studied in great detail. Pandora represents the marriage of several different elements in one single product. It starts with a marble base, and goes up in a variety of components, made of solid wood, glass, gold and wonderful wooden tops.


TWEET distorts the very concept of “library”: it is an incredibly precious golden cage, with a round base. TWEET creates a new way to observe your own books and ornaments: within curves, its geometry gets rid of preconceptions. Its marble base, the solid wood shelves and the precious metal, are there to be the perfect showcase for your most beautiful objects.


Like the watches by the great artist Dalì, the fused glass drips over solid oak wood stems with a recessed LED light. In the suspended version the extra touch is given by the real leather that supports it.


Dreamy, apparently soft and delicate, just like a delicately composed dream-catcher. Dreamy is a hanging lamp, with a chromed metal structure that surrounds a fusion glass light-diffuser, so that light can spread softly and warmly through your rooms. The solid wood details, provides a new, further cha- racterization, for a lamp that can gently enlighten any room.


A metal wall bookcase inspired by a musical note. Pratical and designed to give your books a proper movement.


Elegant crystal glass showcase, with mirrored backs and decorated with thick leather details designed to enrich any living area with a touch of style.


Curved metal takes the shape of a petal, with Narciso, softly twisting around on itself. An elegant, easily adaptable umbrella stand, perfect for every room, and available in tens of different colors.

Wood Console Table

WOOD is two objects in one: a coathanger and a console table; an object with an horizontal dimension – the painted wood shelf – and a vertical dimension – the coathanger poles. Vary, light and resistant, just like a bamboo forest: a completely new, fascinating shape.

Pois Dining Table

POIS fully represents the natural inspiration Tonin Casa got for its “Jungle” collection: lights and shadows play with the base, in the same way sunrays penetrate the leaves of the undergrowth. The base’s coloring – white, carbon grey, or matt gold – either enhances or smoothens such lighting effect, to match the tops various finishes.